Java error : Unable to launch the application when trying to open up DELL iDRAC console !

I updated java on my machine today since one of the web application demanded the update. Post java update, the web application started working (sigh). I was happy that, I don’t have to deal with java again.

After a while, for some maintenance activity, I connected DELL iDRAC ( Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller ) through web browser and wanted to access remote console.

Viola ! an error popped up saying ” Unable to launch the application.” Wow, Another java problem ! Java at its best ! ;-)

java error


I tried to delete java ‘trace and log files’ and ‘Cached Applications and Applets’ from java control panel but in vain.

I even removed and re-installed java but in vain.

What finally saved my day was, changing ‘Network Settings’ in java control panel.

Instead of ‘Use browser settings’, I selected ‘Direct Connection’. Bingo ! when I reinitiated remote console access, it worked like a charm :-)

java error 3  java error 4

By the way, Java Control Panel can be accessed through

Start / Control Panel / Java

java error 5

Hope this info will help someone.

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13 comments on “Java error : Unable to launch the application when trying to open up DELL iDRAC console !
  1. d_ says:

    Wow.. didn’t think it would work, but it did. Great blog post!

  2. Cheers, you absolute genius :) F$%^^”%g Java!

  3. Eduardo says:

    I had also to change the security level for medium. Tks

  4. Excellent post! It’s been a while since I’ve been on my remote system through my DRAC. Thank you!

    Like Eduardo, I had to set my security settings to medium… The high setting still suppressed the window. Thank you Eduardo!

  5. Jay says:

    First off, thanks to Santosh for this post. I had the same problem and this post resolved it for me. Similar to Eduardo and Darin, switching the network setting to a direct connection wasn’t enough as the security level was an issue.

    I didn’t want to switch the security setting down to medium though. What I did instead was add an exception to the exception site list for the iDRAC card’s site/IP address. I have my Java client security level set to Very High and with the exception set on the list, it works just fine. Might be a better choice than to lower your Java client’s security level to medium?

    Thanks again for everyone’s input on this post!

  6. Laurens DeHaan says:

    Thanks, Eduardo, for your post. That made the difference in my case too. Hope we all remember to reset it to high once we’re done …

  7. Mahesh VIjapure says:

    Thanks Santosh.. It helped to solve the crap java error.. :)

  8. Phuc says:

    I have the same problem -> Solution: Go to control panel -> Java -> Security tab -> Edit site list -> add url from application error form (the extention is .jar) -> Ok

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