Java error : Unable to launch the application when trying to open up DELL iDRAC console !

I updated java on my machine today since one of the web application demanded the update. Post java update, the web application started working (sigh). I was happy that, I don’t have to deal with java again.

After a while, for some maintenance activity, I connected DELL iDRAC ( Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller ) through web browser and wanted to access remote console.

Viola ! an error popped up saying ” Unable to launch the application.” Wow, Another java problem ! Java at its best ! 😉

java error


I tried to delete java ‘trace and log files’ and ‘Cached Applications and Applets’ from java control panel but in vain.

I even removed and re-installed java but in vain.

What finally saved my day was, changing ‘Network Settings’ in java control panel.

Instead of ‘Use browser settings’, I selected ‘Direct Connection’. Bingo ! when I reinitiated remote console access, it worked like a charm 🙂

java error 3  java error 4

By the way, Java Control Panel can be accessed through

Start / Control Panel / Java

java error 5

Hope this info will help someone.

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20 comments on “Java error : Unable to launch the application when trying to open up DELL iDRAC console !
  1. d_ says:

    Wow.. didn’t think it would work, but it did. Great blog post!

  2. Cheers, you absolute genius 🙂 F$%^^”%g Java!

  3. Eduardo says:

    I had also to change the security level for medium. Tks

  4. Excellent post! It’s been a while since I’ve been on my remote system through my DRAC. Thank you!

    Like Eduardo, I had to set my security settings to medium… The high setting still suppressed the window. Thank you Eduardo!

  5. Jay says:

    First off, thanks to Santosh for this post. I had the same problem and this post resolved it for me. Similar to Eduardo and Darin, switching the network setting to a direct connection wasn’t enough as the security level was an issue.

    I didn’t want to switch the security setting down to medium though. What I did instead was add an exception to the exception site list for the iDRAC card’s site/IP address. I have my Java client security level set to Very High and with the exception set on the list, it works just fine. Might be a better choice than to lower your Java client’s security level to medium?

    Thanks again for everyone’s input on this post!

  6. Laurens DeHaan says:

    Thanks, Eduardo, for your post. That made the difference in my case too. Hope we all remember to reset it to high once we’re done …

  7. Mahesh VIjapure says:

    Thanks Santosh.. It helped to solve the crap java error.. 🙂

  8. Phuc says:

    I have the same problem -> Solution: Go to control panel -> Java -> Security tab -> Edit site list -> add url from application error form (the extention is .jar) -> Ok

  9. D says:

    What version of Java and IDRAC did this work on? Everything I tried did NOT work listed here. Java7 iDRAC6 1.70

  10. carlo says:

    MY HERO..awesome…

  11. Kurt Gramoll says:

    Similar problem with Dell M620 Blades. Strangely some blades were fine, but some were not. And it seemed to started without any changes on my part. None of above ideas worked. BUT… I did clear Java temp files and then the problem was resolved for both problem servers (out of 16). Should have thought of this first, but forgot Java has temp files.

  12. Thanks in support of sharing such a nice opinion,
    article is good, thats why i have read it entirely

  13. George Rayer says:

    Many thanks for this tip. I had even forgotten about the Java Console, but would never have thought of your fix. Has saved me a ton of hassle.

  14. Mohammed Awais says:

    thanks its worked

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