How to set Message Of The Day (MOTD) in vCenter ?

VMware vCenter has a cool (?) feature which lets you setting up a Message Of The Day (MOTD).

Why would you like to set up MOTD ?

  • For Fun (exploring the vCenter features)
  • For identification of vCenters in case you deal with multiple vCenters
  • You would like to display a legal warning message
  • Your IT organisation policy demands for MOTD
  • blah blah blah…

In fact, it’s very easy to set up a MOTD in vCenter. Only prerequisite is, you need to have vCenter Administrator privileges.

Alright, here’s how you can set MOTD.

Log on to the vCenter using vSphere client, Click on Administration, select Edit Message of the day…


Now, type in the desired message and click OK.


Now onwards, anyone who logs on to the vCenter, will see the MOTD for every new session.



-End of the Article-

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