Unable to access ESXi shell from DELL iDRAC console

To access ESXi shell, first you need to enable that on ESXi host.

Following VMware KB articles provide details on enabling ESXi Shell

Using ESXi Shell in ESXi 5.x (2004746)

Using Tech Support Mode in ESXi 4.1 and ESXi 5.x (1017910)

If shell is enabled and if you have direct access to the host, pressing keys Alt+F1 opens up ESXi shell.

I was trying to access to ESXi (ESXi 5.1) shell from DELL iDRAC remote console howerver, pressing keys Alt+F1 didn’t work.

It was like command didn’t reach the console, there was no activity or error message !

After scratching a head for a while, I started looking at “Keyboard” options on iDRAC console.

When ticked option Keyboard pass-through and pressed keys Alt+F1, Bingo !!! I could see ESXi Shell 🙂




-End of the article-

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