Grant console only access of a Windows virtual machine hosted on a vSphere server to users

I had a particular requirement wherein I had to grant few users console only access of a Windows virtual machine hosted on a vSphere server.

Well, VMware vCenter has predefined roles with which I could have assigned users limited access however, my requirement was to strictly restrict users to console only !

With little digging around the roles, I could create a role which would suffice my requirement.

Here are the details…

Open up vCenter and go to Roles


In the left pane, Right click and click on Add, specify any name you wish ( say Console User).

In the Privileges section, Navigate and select Virtual machine \ Interaction \ Console interaction and click on OK.


Now, grant desired users Console User permission on the particular Virtual Machine.

Right click on VM, click on Add Permission


In the Assign Permissions,  select the Role which you have created, Add desired Users and click OK.


Post doing the changes, users can connect to vCenter server and they would see only the VM on which they have permissions and they can access Console with all the VM options greyed out to them.

Users need to connect vCenter using vSphere client or vSphere Web Client.

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